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February 1-4, 2007
Monterey, California


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John Abele Founder/Chairman, Boston Scientific; Leader of the Grunion expedition

Paola Antonelli Curator

Yves Béhar Industrial Designer (leaf lamp, OLPC laptop, ...)

Mark Bittman Food Author

Keith Black Neurosurgeon, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Angelin Chang Grammy-winning pianist

Caleb Chung Toy inventor (Furby, Pleo, etc)

Jim Citrin Spencer Stuart senior director, author

Miguel Angel Corzo President, The Colburn School

Jared Diamond Author, Professor of Geology and Physiology at UCLA

Liz Diller Architect

Leon Fleisher Concert Pianist

Peter Gelb General Manager of the Metropolitan Opera

Rob Glaser CEO, Real Networks, Inc.

Jonathan Gold Pulitzer-winning food critic for LA Weekly

Brian Greene Professor of Physics, Columbia University

Jonathan Harris Designer and Software Artisan

Pablos Holman Hacker, Inventor

Paul Horowitz Harvard Professor, electronics nerd, SETI pioneer

Donald Jackson Calligrapher

A.J. Jacobs Journalist, Humorist, Author, Know-it-all, Bible thumper

Joe Jacobson MIT Professor, Inventor of e-ink

Brewster Kahle Founder, Internet Archive

Nathaniel Kahn Documentary Filmmaker (My Architect, Two Hands, ...)

Donald Katz Founder and CEO,

Andrew Keen Internet Entrepreneur/Author (Cult of the Amateur)

Kevin Kelly Whole Earth / WIRED / Cool Tools Author, Philosopher

Ken Knowlton Computer Art Pioneer and mosaic innovator

Frans Lanting Wildlife Photographer

Golan Levin Professor, CMU; Software Artist

Emily Levine Philosopher-Comic

Ken Libbrecht Professor of Physics, CalTech; authority on snowflakes

Andy Lippman Media Scientist, MIT

John Markoff Journalist

Peter Menzel & Faith d'Aluisio Photojournalists

Marvin Minsky Professor, MIT; Artificial Intelligence Pioneer

Nathan Myhrvold Scientist, Geologist, Photographer

Nicholas Negroponte Architect & Educator

Carolyn Porco Astronomer; Imaging Team Leader, Cassini Saturn mission

Keith Schwab Professor of Physics, Cornell; quantum technologist

Jill Sobule Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

Jamy Ian Swiss Magician, Mentalist, Sleight-of-hand Maestro

Amy Tan Writer (Novelist, Librettist, Essayist, Screenwriter, ...)

Bruce Vilanch Comedian, Writer (The Oscars...)

Jonathan Winters Actor, Comedian, Painter

Richard Saul Wurman Impresario

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