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February 1-4, 2008
Monterey, California


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Dan Ariely Professor of Behavioral Economics, MIT & Duke. Predictably Irrational

Joshua Bell Violinist

David Binder Broadway producer, Yale professor; Revived: A Raisin in the Sun

David Elliot Cohen Author, Photographer, Publisher. What Matters

Jacques d'Amboise Dancer. MacArthur / Heinz / Kennedy Center / Nat?l Medal of Arts Honoree

Peter H. Diamandis Founder, Chairman: X Prize Foundation

Ian Dunbar Canine Expert; Founder, Sirius Dog Training

Bran Ferren Founder, Applied Minds. Inventor, Photographer

Tim Ferriss Guinness record holder for Tango spins. Author, The 4 Hour Workweek

Dana Gluckstein Portrait photographer, from Hollywood to ancient tribes

Matt Harding Game designer & YouTube virus, Matt has danced around the world

Zahi Hawass Egypt?s Indiana Jones

Michael Hawley Director, EG

Peter Hirshberg Serial Entrepreneur, Chairman, Technorati

Jon Kamen Founder & CEO, @radical media

Ken Kamler Microsurgeon, Explorer

Miru Kim Urban explorer, painter, photographer, and artist

Scott Kim Puzzle & game designer; calligraphic wizard

Tim Kring Creator, Executive Producer, HEROES

William Lange Research Specialist, Advanced Imaging and Visualization Laboratory

Frans Lanting Wildlife Photographer

Emily Levine Philosopher-Comic

Amory Lovins Physicist & Environmental Scientist

David Macaulay Author, Illustrator: Pyramid; Cathedral; Rome Antics; The Way We Work

Susana Martinez-Conde Neuroscientist and Author

Mark Moffett Entomologist; aka Dr. Bugs

Joy Mountford Interface Architect

Nicholas Negroponte Architect & Educator

Bello Nock Daredevil, juggler, acrobat, star: Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Circus

Ralph Osterhout Inventor

Marc Pachter Director (emeritus), National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

David Pogue Author, Technology Commentator, New York Times' sophomoric skitmeister

Mike Rowe Creator, Executive Producer, Host & Guinea Pig, Dirty Jobs

Todd Rundgren Composer, Software artist, synthesist. UTOPIA. Pee Wee's Playhouse

Adam Savage Mythbuster

Bruce Shapiro Motion Control Artist & Inventor

Alvy Ray Smith Computer graphics pioneer, PIXAR co-founder, Genealogist

Jill Sobule Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

Mark Stutzman Illustrator

Jamy Ian Swiss Magician, Mentalist, Sleight-of-hand Maestro

Teller The smaller, quieter half of Penn & Teller

Richard Saul Wurman Impresario

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