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Feb. 27 - Mar. 1, 2011
Monterey, California


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Chris Anderson WIRED Editor, UAV designer

Jeff Arnold Chief Architect,

Lynda Barry Cartoonist

Robert Bilheimer Documentary Filmmaker

Emily Brown Bassist

Russell Preston Brown Senior Creative Director, Adobe Systems

Scott Clark Pixar Animagician

Cady Coleman Astro-nette

Maisie Crow Photojournalist

Regina Dugan Director, DARPA

Freeman Dyson Legendary Princeton physicist

Elliott Erwitt Photographer

Max Ferguson Painter

Robert Gannon Pilot, Adventurer

David Harvey Museum Designer

Pablos Holman Hacker, Inventor

Michael B. Johnson Pixar Animagician

Scott Jurek Ultramarathon Runner

Larry Kagan Sculptor

Masashi Kawamura Media Designer

Jensen Kimmitt World Yo-Yo Champion

Rachael Kinley BBC Producer: Human Planet

Eric Kuhne Architect of Tomorrow

Frans Lanting Wildlife Photographer

Emily Levine Philosopher-Comic

Steven Levy Technology Writer

Mark Liponis Doctor

Somaly Mam Human Trafficking Savior

Eric Mead Magician

Alexa Meade Painter

Pat Metheny Composer/Guitarist

Rita Moreno Actress, Singer, Dancer

Michael Moschen Juggler

Ricky Nierva Pixar Animagician

Christopher O'Riley Pianist

Ralph Osterhout Inventor

Julie Packard Director: Monterey Bay Aquarium

PES Animator

Teresa Peters Patient

Jie Qi Media Technologist

Chris Rainier Explorer, Photojournalist

Trey Ratcliff Traveling Photographer

Shai Reshef Founder, University of the People

Louis Rossetto Chocolatier

Betsy Schulz Public Artist

Mark Setteducati Inventor of magic, puzzles & games

Jake Shimabukuro Ukulele Virtuoso

Mark Siddall Leech Expert

Scott Simon Novelist, Playwright & Radio Journalist

Sandy Smolan Television Director

Rick Smolan Photographer

Jill Sobule Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

Jim Steinmeyer Historian & Designer of Illusions

Adora Svitak Student Educator

Jamy Ian Swiss Magician, Mentalist, Sleight-of-hand Maestro

Sebastian Thrun Educator & Computer Wizard

Charity Tillemann-Dick Soprano & Author

Stephen Tobolowsky Actor & Raconteur

Jonathan Trappe Balloonist

Ray Ushikubo Pianist

Jieun Oh & Ge Wang Computer Musicians

Michael Weber Performer, Miracle Designer

Charles Yang Violinist

Chris Young Scientific Chef

Asa Mathat & Russell Preston Brown

Asa Mathat & Russell Preston Brown (2011) Joyful Tableaux

Gene Driskell

Gene Driskell (2011) stage

Gene Driskell

Gene Driskell (2011) Black & White

Gene Driskell

Gene Driskell (2011) Colors

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