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February 1-4, 2010
Monterey, California


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Walter Alvarez Professor of Geology

Greg Anderson & Elizabeth Joy Roe Piano Duo

Bryant Austin Cetaceographer

Mark Bittman Food Author

Leonardo Bonanni CEO and cofounder of

The Flying Karamazov Brothers Jugglers

Russell Brown Photographer & Photoshop Wizard

Garrett Brown Inventor of Steadicam and Skycam

Cameron Carpenter Organist

Edwin Catmull Founder & President, Pixar

Dick Cavett Television legend, Author & Raconteur

Cady Coleman Astro-nette

Maisie Crow Photojournalist

Erik and Marty Demaine Computer scientists and artists

Annie Duke Poker Champion

George Dyson Author, Designer, Historian

Esther Dyson Computer Entrepreneur, Amateur Astronaut

Rafe Esquith Fifth Grade Teacher

Eileen Gittins CEO, Blurb

Vanessa Gould Filmmaker

Mike Gunton Naturist & Television Producer

Marc-André Hamelin Pianist

Scott Harrison Founder, Charity Water

Danny Hillis Supercomputing Pioneer

Argye Hillis Professor of Computational Biologist at UT Austin

David Hillis Professor of Neurology at Johns Hopkins

Pablos Holman Hacker, Inventor

David Hume Kennerly Photographer

Henry Kaiser Antarctic Guitarist

Graham Kerr Cook & Gardener

Dave Gallo & Bill Lange Oceanographers

Michael Lawrence Filmmaker

Katy Lederer Poet

Anna Lee Violinist

Emily Levine Philosopher-Comic

Tod Machover Professor of Music

Eric Mead Magician

Peter Menzel & Faith d'Aluisio Photojournalists

Marina Orlova Philologist

David Salesin Computer Graphics Innovator

The Hobart Shakespeareans Elementary School Thespians

Josh Simpson Glass Artist

Sandy Smolan Television Director

Rick Smolan Photographer

Jill Sobule Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

Evan & Greg Spiridellis Co-Founders JIBJAB Media

Oliver Steeds Explorer

Richard Stoltzman Clarinetist

Frank Sulloway Social Researcher

Jamy Ian Swiss Magician, Mentalist, Sleight-of-hand Maestro

Dr. Bill Takeshita Pediatric Optometrist

Natalie Tyler Tran Writer, Globetrotter and YouTube Diva

Ge Wang Music Professor

Rich Wilson Sailor

Esther Wojcicki Journalism Teacher

Gene Driskell

Gene Driskell (2010) presenters

Gene Driskell

Gene Driskell (2010) breaks

Gene Driskell

Gene Driskell (2010) whaling wall


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