Pam & Tim Fogg

Rope Access Specialists

Tim and Pam specialize in rope access for natural history and adventure filming, and have done training, rigging and safety supervision for numerous productions more

Tim and Pam specialize in rope access for natural history and adventure filming, and have done training, rigging and safety supervision for numerous productions including the BBC’s Planet Earth 1 and 2, Life, Operation Iceberg, Human Planet,Frozen Planet, Wild China, and Disney’s Chimpanzee. Recently they rigged vertical camera tracking shots in rain forests of Amazonia, part of a VR film for Conservation International. They have provided "higher" education on Tristan Da Cunha for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and ran the Jebel Hafit Cave Project for the President of the United Arab Emirates.

The highs and lows of working in remote and inaccessible locations worldwide are many and include close encounters with polar bears on collapsing icebergs, sprinting from irate forest elephants in Burma, discovering new animal species, and persuading perturbed Papuan tribesmen to lay down their bows and arrows.

A climber and caver since his school days, Tim studied Environmental Science at university in Ireland followed by a post-graduate certificate in Outdoor Education in North Wales. In 1975 he joined the British Antarctic Survey where he spent 4 years as diver and field assistant which included running dog teams. He returned to work as an Outdoor Education Teacher in Ireland where his passion for caves grew. He is now a veteran of 20 caving expeditions worldwide.

Pam studied geography at university, and after obtaining post graduate certificates in education and a post graduate diploma in outdoor education went on to become an outdoor education teacher with leadership qualifications in caving and mountaineering. She developed a passion for rock climbing and caving and has participated in 15 caving expeditions worldwide to remote areas including China, West Papua, Borneo and Arctic Russia.

They are Fellows of the Royal Geographical Society, and wardens for the Irish Cave Rescue Organisation. Their cave publications have won a British Cave Research Association award for best contribution to British speleology in print. In their leisure time back home in Ireland they relax by playing in traditional Irish music sessions and pursuing a life long commitment to find the best pint of Guinness.


Pam & Tim Fogg, Rope Access Specialists (EG11)


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